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Student Testimonials

Scott Holway - Cape Cod, MA


Mark and Deb, Thank you for everything you did for us in the last basic workshop. I learned so much and had such a great time. Thank you for opening up your home to us and thank you for the lunch you provided to us every day. It was such a great workshop and it really helped me make a decision on what I want to do when I retire. I look forward in taking the next workshop. It looks like the 2-part enclosure was a success. I firmly believe that taking your workshops will be a key in my success in becoming a canvas worker. I look forward in seeing you guys again in the next class I take. I will be checking your web site all the time for new workshop dates. Have a great remainder of the winter and have fun sailing this summer.

Jeff Warren - Pacific Coast Canvas - Poway, California

Hi Mark and Deb, Thanks for a terrific and informative 4 days. The Bimini Enclosure workshop was just as I had hoped, full of information and direction. It’s not every day that you can find someone with 40 years of experience that will offer their time and energy in a classroom setting. But that’s exactly what you get, years upon years of experience ready to answer your questions. I have only been in the trade for a short time, but your methods will help me improve my work product. The attention to detail that I learned in each step of the process will allow me to become a better fabricator and that’s really what I want to be…. A better fabricator! By the end of the four days, I knew you both really cared about the people and the canvas trade…… it shows! I’m excited to take what I’ve learned and bring my business to the next level. Thank you both very much! Looking forward to continuing my education with you two in the future!

David Marzullo - Harbor Canvas Company, LLC - Point Peninsula, NY

I've been making the trip to Merrimac now for a few years and have a number of their workshops under my belt. Each and every workshop has been an amazing experience! One would expect to learn quite a bit from a Certified Master Fabric Craftsman but still, each workshop has exceeded all my expectations. And better still,  Mark and Deb make the whole learning experience fun, entertaining and engaging! And Gizmo too (and the rumored grey streak). The new Pattern Angle workshop in 2017 is no different. I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew when I signed up, I needed to expect the unexpected. Not disappointingly, by 11am the first day it was obvious that this class was a must have for any canvas shop looking to bring their skills to that next level. Applying the techniques from that class will not only improve your efficiency, but you'll be amazed at how more complex scenarios can be approached simply, with amazingly professional results! 

Thank you again Mark and Deb!

Keri Ames – Yachtsman’s Canvas, North Wales, PA

I just attended the Advanced Pattern Angle Workshop at Hood Canvas Training.  Yet another excellent course!  The techniques learned in this course can be applied to many fabrication projects and help take your patterning and canvas projects to the next level.  As with all of their workshops, Mark and Deb have done an excellent job teaching these advanced fabrication techniques developed through years of their experience.  The hands on training approach takes you through step by step in a manner  that makes sense and easily reproducible.  The patterning methods taught in this course are effective and efficient and valuable “tools” to have in your toolbox and build upon your existing skills!  Thank you Mark and Deb Hood!!!

I have had the opportunity to attend the Bimini Enclosure class and a private session on traditional Dodgers. Thank you Mark and Deb for drawing from your years of experience and putting together comprehensive, sensible programs that provide the knowledge and process for your students to succeed. Hood Canvas Training is a valuable opportunity you do not want to miss. It is an opportunity for you to learn the right way and to develop the skills and process to produce consistent quality canvas products that will set you apart from others.

Mark and Deb, I wanted to thank you both again for so many things.  Taking your years of experience and creating high quality canvas and processes that are consistent from project to project, starting to school to share this knowledge with anyone smart enough to make the decision to come learn and continuing your support through Facebook, email and forums. I’ve taken 2 classes with you (so far), the bimini enclosure and a private traditional dodger class.  Although we worked on specific projects the skills and methods that were taught have carried over into just about everything I do.  I can’t believe how many skills I learned from you that I can apply in many different ways and projects.  I am signed up to take the track-to-track next teaching season and am very much looking forward to it. One of the things I am doing is using the bimini enclosure process as a modified CA Style dodger.  I have seen this on the Chesapeake Bay on occasion.  With the very HOT months of July and August it is so helpful to be able to remove both the side and front panels but still have the top shade over the companionway for maximum airflow. I am working on a total canvas refit for a client right now.  She received 5 estimates from fabricators.  She told me that although I was on the high end for pricing, they decided to go with me because I was the only that offered all removable panels for the dodger out of the 5 estimates and they really liked the idea of it.  I attached a couple of pictures of the dodger installed this morning.  The bimini, connector and cockpit enclosure are to follow. I am amazed every day at how much my techniques have changed for the better because of both of you.  I really feel I am producing a much higher quality finished canvas than I have in the past and your knowledge and teaching has improved my canvas greatly.  I know it will only get better with each project and continued classes with you. THANK YOU!!!!! Best Regards, Keri

Barbara Huntington - River Custom Canvas, LLC - Clayton, NY

Dear Mark and Debbie: I wanted to thank you both again for the unbelievable experience I had at the Bimini Enclosure workshop last month.   I wasn’t completely sure what to expect when I booked the training, but after taking the class and spending time with you both I honestly wish I had taken your class the year before.    Your training and production methods exceeded my expectations on all levels. You not only provided us with outstanding training, but also provided so much insight into how to make our businesses more efficient and more profitable.   In addition, you were both so open, honest and caring in sharing information that I didn’t want the week to end!   Thank you again for everything, I look forward to seeing you both again next winter.  I would and will highly recommend Hood Canvas Training, feel free to use me as a reference!

Eric G. Libby - Holliston, MA

I would like to thank Mark and Deb Hood for sharing their knowledge and welcoming us into their home for great lunches and wonderful conversation. I was one of four students attending the Basic Bimini course. I have been working with marine canvas part time for nine years. I came upon the Hood Marine Canvas site a year ago and after much research following other sites decided on Mark Hood. I was initially impressed with his videos and written articles. I can honestly say I made the right choice.  If you want to learn techniques and tips from the best in the business then choose Hood Marine Canvas. I am so impressed with Mark and Deb's attention to detail and eye for esthetics along with value engineering for a perfect attractive and functioning Bimini which is truly an art form. Being self taught with books and videos I realize now how many bad habits I have developed and now I can work at losing them and continue on a sharp learning curve with the knowledge I have gained from Mark and Deb! I am looking forward to more classes!
If anyone is truly interested in learning from the best in the business then look no further than Mark and Deb Hood

Donna Sperry, Warrensburg, NY

If you are looking for full on comprehensive canvas training you should look no further than Mark and Deb Hood!!! They're 34 years of knowledge coupled with his MFC certifications will be the best foundation of training you could ask for. From the first hour of any class you take you are "hands on" developing your patterns, moving methodically through lay out and construction of your projects. You're not in a classroom watching How To videos; you're on the tables and working!!! Mark is extremely meticulous about all phases of the fabrication process and Deb is the most wonderful support providing "tricks of the trade" techniques throughout the whole process.
As you work along with them you realize that you are in the presence of great things and good people!!! I look forward to my next classes and additional "training" with them soon!!!

Michele Regan, Westminster, MA

Just finished two workshops (Basic and Bimini Enclosure workshops) given by Mark and Deb at Hood Canvas. They were excellent workshops and Mark and Deb guided us through their vast knowledge of the canvas business and their well-developed techniques for patterning bimini tops and enclosures. We created our own pattern from their full size frame model, fabricated a bimini and an enclosure, and were able to take home a portion of our creations as examples of truly professional work. Our work was under close scrutiny throughout the process and I appreciated the attention to detail, individual attention, and feedback that will help me throughout my canvas career. I would strongly recommend these courses to everyone who wants to be known for excellent workmanship in the canvas fabrication industry. Great job Mark and Deb and thank you for sharing your canvas secrets! See you in March for the Hardtop Enclosure Workshop!

Allison Imparato, Aly Canvas, Staten Island, NY

Thank you, Mark and Deb for fitting me into your busy schedule for a private upholstery workshop.   As a returning student, I was excited to tackle this next chapter in expanding my business to custom upholstery.  The customized workshop that you put together for me was perfect!   The skills and new methods I learned has cut down my production time and has allowed me to offer my customers many additional options for their boating lifestyles’ as well as a quality job. Watching videos and reading articles just doesn't compare to the hands on training that Hood Canvas offers.  Hands down, I highly recommend taking a workshop or two or three at Hood Canvas, you won’t be disappointed.   Again, I would like to thank you both so very much for always being an email away.  Allison Imparato

Chuck Sievert, Bourbon City Canvas LLC, Bardstown, KY

Mark and Deb, Just a short note to thank you for such an informative 2 weeks. The basic and bimini/enclosure classes are a must for anyone that wants to put out quality work. I learn a lot by watching, listening, and looking at details of things and I can honestly say that I have not seen the type of work, the quality standards that go into every detail of your pieces here in my neck of the woods. It was an honor to learn from the best, and I will do my best to pass along the beautiful work you have taught me. Once again thank you.

Tammy Golden, Aureus Canvas LLC, Serena Park, MD

Dear Mark & Deb, I cannot tell you how much I really enjoyed the basic canvas class as I felt that you both went above and beyond. You both are extremely nice people with very kind hearts. My class experience in the past was just basic class material with here you go and then you leave, but you both on the other hand gave me more than just basic material you also gave me more information than I ever imagined and also lunch, coffee and opened your home to me as if I was a friend you have known for years. I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am that you shared your knowledge and that I got to meet both of you and Gizmo the coon cat too. I cannot wait to take my next class. Sincerely, Tammy Golden

Ann Brayton, Boat Cushions and Canvas, Brooklin, ME

Hi Deb and Mark, The course was great, I definitely learned a lot. Now I just have to put it into practice enough times so it becomes an efficient process. You guys make a great team running your courses. The atmosphere is comfortable, not intimidating and packed with information. And thanks so much for providing lunch! Thanks, Ann

Valerie Parquette  - Kingston, MA

Thank you for a fun and informative dodger workshop. My 3rd class, looking forward to #4 in January. I once again returned home with a new enthusiasm for producing quality marine fabrications. You are excellent teachers and I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. Thank you also for feeding the body as well as the mind.

Diane McCarey - Middleboro, MA

Spent this week at Hood Marine Canvas & Training School in Merrimac MA learning from the best Fabricators in the canvas business. Mark and Deb Hood give you the educational tools to fabricate Bimini tops , Enclosures, Cushions for boats and more, a great week, looking forward to our new adventures of canvas creations! Hope to participate in our third training in the spring. Thanks Mark and Deb.

Anita and Dan Ursa - Canada

We engaged Hood Canvas for some custom training that addressed some specialized needs for our customers.  This allowed us to add in a high quality and standardized approach for this work very quickly.  Mark and Deb have a wonderful practice and school,  and are supplying a much needed service to the Marine Fabrication industry. Anita and Dan Ursa

Bill & Sue Yeakle, Angola, Indiana

Dear Mark and Deb, A heart-felt thank you for the time and effort you put forth during my one-on-one Bimini Enclosure training. It is very apparent you are both passionate about the career path you have chosen.  The craftsmanship you exhibit and pass onto others is not only important but also honorable. Over the years, I have studied many fabrication methods – your method just seems to make sense – period. The result is a robust, aesthetically pleasing component that will serve a customer well. You need to come and check out our “un-salted” oceans. Thank you again.
Bill & Sue Yeakle, Angola, Indiana.

Don Askew, Sumerduck, VA

Dear Mark and Deb, Thank you so much for the opportunity to take your Bimini Enclosure Workshop. The hands on approach using the one step pattern making, cutting and sewing with expert instructions was the key to success to what had always been difficult for me to comprehend.  It was the one piece of the sailing, and maintenance experience that I wanted.  You and Deb had incredible teaching skills and patience and I can't wait to begin working with canvas, practicing the skills I learned. When the Bimini and enclosure finally came together, and installed perfectly, it truly was a WOW moment. Your hospitality and sharing your canvas experience was much appreciated. Our plan is to begin doing a pattern for his Hunter 36 and finish setting up his shop. Sincerely, Don (Donnie) Askew

Janet McGlynn, Scituate, MA

Deb and Mark are highly skilled teachers as well as craftsmen. They have developed a well organized program that takes each student through all the steps necessary to create a Bimini top that measures up to their impeccable standards. I have returned from the Basic Workshop excited and ready to face the challenge of sewing canvas! For anyone who is contemplating opening a canvas business or is currently running one, this course is essential to improve your skills and to provide your clients with a quality product. The cost of the course is small for what you get in return!

Jackie Jennens, Seven Seams Marine, British Columbia, Canada

My name is Jackie Jennens, and I own a small canvas shop on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  I decided that I wanted to improve my skills and learn techniques from professionals to help my business grow and improve.  I researched places to go, and came up with Hood Marine Canvas.  I had no idea that this experience was going to be as valuable, informative and pleasurable as it was. Deb and Mark Hood are fantastic teachers, extremely meticulous in their canvas work, highly productive, and genuinely wonderful people.  I learned more than I anticipated and feel a lot more confident in my canvas work from this experience.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to not only improve their canvas skills, but to perfect your product.  Thankyou so much Deb and Mark, it was such a pleasure.

Ed Kelley,  Bass River Marine Canvas, Cape Cod MA

My back ground of the last thirty years was in commercial fishing and building, remodeling. Having been on and around boats since before I learned to walk, I was under the assumption when you have a canvas enclosure, expect to get wet when the weather kicks up. As the years past the fishing industry has crumbled and the economy has people bringing wages and quality down in construction. I started to see the demand in the marine canvas industry in my area and began looking into a change of careers. After much research I came across Hood Canvas and decided to begin my new adventure. I attended the basic and enclosure classes back to back in Feb. 2013. With the knowledge and confidence acquired, I found  and built a state of the art fabrication shop. The business model and thirty plus years of experience provided by both Deb and Mark is un-matched in the industry (in my opinion any way). In Oct. attended the cushion workshop as well as private training. It is now Dec. 2013 my shop is up and running with customers that are happy and returning. My five year plan to learn a new trade was cut with an excellent quality concept and exceptional work shop training. We have work enough to stay inside fabricating all winter and look forward to a very busy spring and future. With the Hood concept and more training the sky is the limit!!  Thank you so much Mark and Deb looking forward to seeing you in the next year P.S. canvas enclosures do not have to let the weather in when fabricated properly. 

Susan Takami, Petaluma, CA

Mark and Deb's Dodger Workshop completely exceeded my expectations! I chose Hood Marine Canvas training because of the beauty of their designs and the quality of their work. On top of that, Mark and Deb are great people and excellent trainers. They teach step-by-step the "how and why" of their design and construction and I left feeling confident and inspired. They have high standards for each part of the process and it shows in the final product! In one week the quality of my work has improved more than it has in years! I'll be back for another class next year! Thanks again for sharing your expertise and hospitality. I feel like I made new friends and "colleagues in canvas". I'm sure you'll hear from me soon with questions and/or pictures (hopefully) showing off something well made. Cheers! Susan

Dionne Rhoades, New Castle, DE

What a great class! I learned so much in the past few days. The instruction from Mark and Deb was priceless. So nice to meet Gretchen, Ed and Dave and listen to their canvas tales. Very encouraging for someone just starting out in the business. Looking forward to the next class!

Dave Pelkey - Shoreline Custom Canvas, Mystic, CT

Wanted to take a moment to extend my thanks to both of you for a job well done. It was a pleasure dealing with you throughout the workshop and the takeaway far outweighed the investment. Hope to see you soon for another well run gold star class. Thanks again, Dave Pelkey

John Spurlock, Boise, ID

Hi Mark and Deb. Thank you for teaching me in your class. I appreciate the fact that you put aside your business to give your students your complete classroom instruction and attention. Seeing your shop has given me a better idea of what my own business will look like in the future. I have already used your list of where to locate supplies. I would definitely recommend the Hood instruction to any person who wishes to learn to sew and put out a product that will make a customer happy with the quality. Another important point is the friendliness of Mark and Deb. They answered every question I put to them, no matter how seemingly simple. They invited their students into their home and made the entire class feel welcome. Thanks and I'll be taking the enclosure class next!  John Spurlock

Diane McCarey, Middleboro, MA

I just completed the Bimini Classes at Hood Canvas. It was an excellent course, loaded with multitudes of information, tips, and the expertise of Mark and Deb in the canvas field, as well as the fabrication and construction of the Bimini ! I left knowing I completed the classes with the best fabricators in the business of canvas. I look forward to my next session with Mark and Deb!! Thanks Diane

Julia Welch, Benicia, CA

Thank-you so much!!! This workshop was everything I'd hoped for and more!!!

Allison Imparato, Aly Canvas, Staten Island, NY

ALY Canvas was established about five years ago.  I started out repairing canvas and basically taught myself as I went along.  There were many moments I thought to myself that there has to be an easier way to do certain things and that’s when my search began.  I researched many schools offering training both near and far from my business.  Being skeptical that a course wouldn't be as advanced as I needed it to be, I decided to bite the bullet.  After reading the testimonials about Hood, my decision was made.   I knew Hood Canvas would teach me exactly what I needed to learn to be successful in this field and expand my business.  I completed a private Enclosure Workshop.   The instruction provided by Mark and Deb was absolutely exceptional.  From the moment I stepped foot into their shop, they treated me like part of their team.  Their combined experience in the marine canvas industry shows in the quality and craftsmanship of each and every one of their projects.  Over the years, I have turned away many enclosure jobs because I wasn't completely confident that I could master an end product I would be satisfied with.  After completing this workshop, I feel confident to tackle any enclosure or project brought my way.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course; it’s a great experience when you are taught by people who are passionate about their work.  I cannot wait to take another class at Hood Canvas to further expand my knowledge in the trade.  Thank you, Mark & Deb for an amazing training.

Janeen Richards, Owner of Crafted Canvas

"I looked into taking classes at the other schools, but then I thought it would be best to take classes from someone who owns and continues to run a successful canvas business. I was glad I chose Mark and Deb for my instructors. They give practical advice that goes beyond teaching you about patterning and sewing canvas. They are both knowledgeable and make a great teaching team. The way Mark has developed his techniques over the years is highly detailed and he is not afraid to share his tricks with students. His work is impeccable and he makes you strive to be as careful as he is. This was the best foundation I could have had in marine fabricating. Mark and Deb are wonderful people!"

Gerry White, Rivers Edge Sports, Oquossoc, Maine

Thank You Mark and Deb, I had been considering getting into the marine canvas fabricating business for several months. Last October my son and I attended your "Basic Workshop", I was instantly hooked. In the past four months I have attended your "Basic", "Bimini Enclosure" & "Cushion Workshops". Having never sewn a stitch in my life, before the "Basic Workshop", you have given me all the tools and confidence necessary to construct a workshop, outfit it with the proper tools, and produce quality canvas work. Your workshops have provided me with information and techniques that would have taken me years, if ever, to accumulate. I also comforting to know that the answer to any question or stumbling block I might come up against is only an email away. Thank you for sharing your years of knowledge and experience.

Catherine Rassalle, Bache & Grommet, Losne, France

I have my canvas shop in France and have been on the market since 2000, learning as I go along, learning from repairs, from books, from CD’s.  My work is fine, the clients do not complain. However, I know for myself that my work could be better, so in 2010,  I did a 3 day course in France.  This was ok, nothing exceptional, nothing that I did not know.  The only other courses available run for 6 months, something I could not fit in. Then an American client (ex canvas worker) told me I should get the ‘Marine Fabricator” magazine, to stay up-to-date.  And so I did.  And that is where I found out all about the work of Mark Hood (and Debbie).  The pictures published of the work he does looked perfect, from every angle (where they photo shopped?). Also the few technical articles he wrote were very interesting, explaining some of the difficulties I encountered  again and again, but never finding  the solution. And it is exactly these critical points that make the difference between good or excellent canvas work. The workshop is of great value, this thanks to  Marks’ 30 years of experience, the never giving up, the search for perfection, and not to forget the perseverance and enthusiasm of Debbie. It would not surprise me to see my  prices go up in the near future, taking some load of my heavily overloaded schedule and getting more satisfaction out of every single job. Thanks ever so much to both of you. Catherine Rassalle, from the riverbanks of the Sâone river.

Alan Woodyard, Annapolis, MD

Your workshop was a HUGE part of my "canvas education" and has been incredibly beneficial on every project since then, not just bimini enclosures. And on top of all that, the lobster rolls were delicious, too!

Mark and Deb, I just wanted to thank you guys for the great experience that I had while taking the Bimini Enclosure course. As someone who had been doing canvas work already for a year this course was exactly what I needed to boost my confidence level as well as the perfect way to tie together skills that needed some refinement.  This course and your added instruction based on our specific questions has advanced my skill level greatly and in an unbelievably short amount of time.  For the level of instruction that I received the price of this course is a bargain! Thanks, Alan Woodyard

Got it Covered Custom Canvas & Repair, Wirtz, VA

Hey Mark & Deb, I took your Bimini Enclosure class last March. I'll be sending you a check for the Cushion class offered in March (waited too long for the Feb class!)  Can't begin to tell you how beneficial that class was and how many uses we've found for the binder. So many new opportunities have come through the door since. We went from being busy to being slammed! Look forward to seeing you guys in March! Patrick Bush.

Rick & Lisa Polatas, Golden Crescent Canvas Company, Brownville, NY

Mark and Deb, Lisa and I wanted to thank you for the great experience we had attending your classes. Our foray into the canvas business was discussed for many months. The stumbling block was always that we didn’t have the time to intern with an existing shop. After some research and an enthusiastic phone call with Mark we determined this was the place for us to start. We immediately enrolled in the Basic Workshop. While there Mark and Deb openly discussed setting up a canvas shop, the tools and supplies we would need on top of giving us the basic technical knowledge. This was just what we were looking for to help us make our decision. Upon arrival home we excitedly made arrangements with Mark and Deb to attend the Bimini Enclosure and Dodger Workshops to further our knowledge. Now with our shop assembled and the “Shrink Wrap” season over, requests are beginning to come in at an ever increasing rate. Armed with what we learned from Mark and Deb we are confident that we are well prepared, but we also know that if we get in a bind, their support is always there. If it weren’t for Mark and Deb and their workshops I believe that the realities of becoming a successful canvas shop may have been dreams of the past.

Merrill Miller, Union, NJ

Dear Mark and Deb, I want to thank you for a wonderful class this past week.  Your patience and understanding with me was a warm welcome. It is admirable to find two professional people such as yourselves with the skill level of a true "olde time" artisan. So often in today's society good enough is just that.  Then, there are the Hoods whose good enough far exceeds most canvas fabricators that I've ever met.  During the time we spent together Deb and Mark were not satisfied with "good enough".  They didn't stop till they've achieved their personal best which is generally perfection and it shows in their workmanship and teaching abilities.  The classes are informative and understandable. If you are seeking the highest quality canvas fabrication or want to learn trade secrets of over 30 years in the business I highly recommend contacting the Hoods. Very truly, Merrill Miller, Master Captain

Deb Verstraete, Decatur AL

Mark and Deb, thank you both for three informative and really enjoyable days spent with you in the Basic Workshop Class!  This introduction to the fabrication business has me wanting more knowledge and skill that I can use to begin a successful marine canvas business, creating products to be proud of.  You pass on to your students not only knowledge from years of experience but also the joy and pride of creating top quality canvas work. Prior to the class I started a bimini enclosure project for a friend.  As you took our class through the steps of pattern making, cut-out and sewing, I had many "ah-ha" moments. The construction and appearance problems I had encountered were exactly what you were teaching us to avoid!  I'm back finishing (actually re-doing) the project and still have many "ah-ha" moments as your wealth of information shared is put into practice. I intend to establish a canvas shop in 2012.  Your class has given me the practical knowledge, as well as inspiration, to begin a business venture that I foresee providing not only an income but also personal satisfaction.  Can't wait to take additional classes to expand my skills! Thanks again, Deb Verstraete

Bradford Charles, Bradford’s Canvas Fabricators, Groton, CT

Hi Mark & Deb, I just want tell how much I enjoyed the Dodger class. What an exciting class full of knowledge. Your technique makes it simple. It took all the fear out of fabricating a dodger. Once you work the pattern the way we were taught. The rest is easy. Thanks, Mark & Deb, you have two great classes with the Bimini & the Dodger. I thoroughly enjoyed the two classes. I look forward to a future class. Thanks again, Bradford Charles

Hi Mark & Deb, I would just like to let you know how I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I walked away with a tremendous amount of knowledge. The wisdom and knowledge that the two of you bring to the classes is fantastic. Having only been in business for two years I have a lot to learn, but after your class I have less to learn. I thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality opening up your house for lunch was a nice surprise. I will be signing up for the California dodger class and I can hardly wait! Keep up the good work.

Sundance Bear Rivera, Coastal Cushion and Canvas, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Every so often someone crosses my path and really, "Wow's" me with their ability to weave science and art into a congruent concept that results into something tangible. You did. Thanks for offering it.

Clifton Barnett, Natick, MA

Mark and Deb, It is not every day you can find people that like and enjoy what they do. A lot of people just take your money, throw a book at you and say "learn on your own". I have learned more in the four days from the both of you than I have learned in the past 7 years. I felt very comfortable in your presence and felt at home. I really do think teaching is your destiny, passion or engineering. The way your head spins. LOL! The things you come up with are things that don’t come out of a normal head. You put a lot of thought into things and saved me from spinning my wheels on the think process. I am glad I met you two and took the course. I can’t wait to sign up for the dodger course in the near future. The teaching and the product that you deliver is so superior of what I am finding anywhere! I really think that after leaving your class, I can deliver something better than what I am seeing out here now. Thank you for inviting me into your home and shop. Oh yeah, if someone close to me in distance, calls me and ask me what do I think of Mark's class, I am going tell them you’re a horrible person, (even though that’s false, 100%). I want to be the best in my area. By the way, after leaving the class I just figured out how out dated I am. Thank you again.

Greg Johns, Moultonboro Canvas, Moultonboro, NH

Hey Mark, It has been 11 years now since I started Moultonboro Canvas and I will be ever grateful to you for your gracious help in allowing me to job shadow you in that 1st year of start-up. Thank you again. I have been honing my skills now for 11 years and continue to hone them in the canvas, upholstery, awning business and I like the challenge of new ideas and product designs I read about in Marine Fabricator, Speciality Fabrics..etc. Thanks Mark, Greg

Neal Ferreira & Chris Conti, Penfield, NY

Just a note of thanks to Hood Canvas Company. Recently a business Partner and I attended The Basic Training Course and very much enjoyed the experience. My Partner an Experienced Canvas Fabricator, myself a novice, both walked away with a knowledge it would take several years to master. Your instruction is a thorough approach to mechanical fabrication training not just a few tricks of the trade. A student gains confidence and plenty of hands on One to One training. The class size allows the Instructors to accomplish so many phases of the proper construction process in a short period of time. Experienced or just starting out, anyone can truly benefit from your program. We are looking forward to continuing our canvas education @ the April Enclosure Course. Sincerely, Neal Ferreira & Chris Conti

Nora A. Cerrutti, Marblehead, MA

Hi Mark, Thanks to you and Deb for a fun and informative Basic class.  Your attention to detail and thoroughness in instruction are fantastic.  I really appreciate your hands on approach to teaching and the class materials are great! In those three days, there was much to learn but you both took the time to answer everyone's questions while going step by step through the bimini and frame construction. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your wealth of information and look forward to taking additional classes.

Richard Ludwig, Oakdale Custom Marine Canvas, Oakdale, NY

Thanks Mark & Deb, Reading Marks articles in marine fabricator caught my interest in the Hood method. Marks method had clean narrow lines between panels, looked tight & neat. I attended the national convention in San Diego my fourth convention. On the first day I met a fellow fabricator Jay, who I had met at other conferences. We sat down and Jay introduced me to Mark & Deb Hood, the conference begins. I could not believe how lucky I was to meet Mark & Deb, by the end of the conference I was going to sign up for the bimini top and enclosure work shop offered by the Hood’s. I knew from reading the articles the class was going to be challenge, a game changer for my shop.
There hands on instructions and pattering demonstrations were a better method to fabricate a tighter and sharper looking bimini top and enclosures.
Mark showed us exclusive techniques to the Hood method, tips and tricks on how to use the binders large and small properly. It was my most comprehensive training to date.
I look forward to using the Hood method and improving my skills, techniques and producing a much better product. Thanks again Mark & Deb

Ned Myers, The Boat Canvas Co, Hendersonville, TN

Mark and Debra, Thank you for a great week! The enclosure workshop was exactly what I needed to bring my skills up to a new level. Your method of instruction and the information that was shared was was perfect! Before coming to your workshop, I researched other "schools" that offered instruction in marine canvas training and spoke to people who had attended them. It quickly became abundantly clear to me that what I was going to receive from your program was way beyond what was being offered elsewhere. I was right! The "Big Binder", is a tool that not only accelerates production time in the manufacturing of a Bimini/enclosure ensemble, it adds an appearance to the finished product like no other. I believe the "Hood System", as I like to call it, is the state of art when it comes to marine canvas work. Thanks again you have really given me a leg up on the competition!

Tara O’Connell, Coastal Marine Canvas, Belfast, ME

Thanks Mark and Deb for a great training! As a complete novice in the canvas trade, I was concerned that I might not have the skill and technique to keep up with the rest of the Bimini Enclosure class, but your step-by-step instruction in patterning and production, combined with your emphasis on consistency and accuracy, resulted in a genuine transfer of knowledge and confidence. I now know that I can build a quality product that customers will be proud to own and happy to pay for. I can't believe how much information I absorbed in those four days! Thank you so much for being patient with all of our questions and sticking with us when a concept was difficult until we "got it." You two are so welcoming and enthusiastic - you made the classes feel like an adventure that we were all undertaking together. And by the way, those muffin and quiche coffee breaks were quite the tasty mid-day energizers!

Barb Campbell, South Wind Canvas, Maryville, TN

My husband and I had been in the marine canvas fabrication business for 6 months when I began reading Mark’s articles in Marine Fabricator magazine. I was impressed with his desire to “teach” through his articles and to bring the marine canvas business to a whole new level than it had been. Just the fact that Mark was willing to take my phone calls and answer numerous questions, led me to believe that he is into teaching to raise the quality of the marine canvas manufacturing business. I signed up for his Bimini Enclosure Workshop immediately. There were many levels of students, from 3 years of experience to thinking about getting into the business. I fell somewhere in between. Mark and Debbie’s ability to teach at such a level that reached all of us was amazing. Through Mark’s printed “bible”, our hands on training, our own notes, and step by step pictures (that Mark allowed us to take) gave me the confidence that I needed to come home and confidently produce high quality products for my customer. Mark has not just existed in the marine canvas fabrication business, but he has progressed, leading the way with his creative and innovative techniques. Mark showed us the current cutting edge tools of the trade as well as the shortcuts that he uses to skim time off his production time without sacrificing quality. Mark and Debbie invited us into their home and into their lives. I will definitely sign up to attend future classes that they hold.

Chris Summers, Great Lakes Custom Canvas, Waukegan, IL

As a fabricator always trying to improve on my work, I  learned of your methods from your articles in the Marine Fabricator magazine. As you wrote more articles I realized that you we addressing the problems that I had when fabricating enclosures. That would be the dreaded gaps caused by ending the side panel zippers short of the bow pockets. While walking the marinas and looking at other enclosure jobs, I realized that was the norm. After reading the second article I made the call to Hood Canvas and spoke with Deb. She was very receptive as we spoke for a while. She took time to answer questions as Mark was out on a job. Later that night Mark called and we spoke for quite a while. It was their patience and eagerness to share their techniques that made up my mind to attend their workshop. I will say without a doubt, I now have more confidence in my work. The binder saves a lot of time and makes the panels look very professional. I was skeptical at first, reading about using Tyvek for patterning. However the tips and tricks you taught us took that doubt away. I really appreciate your sequencing of developing parts. The tip for using Homosote on my tables for pattern development works great.I was amazed at how detail oriented you are. Truly a perfectionist. The small class was wonderful as we got more time with each of you. Your handouts were superb. I would recommend your class to anyone interested in taking their skills to a higher level. You two are great teachers and I would have thought you had been teaching for years. We will be attending your dodger class in February. I look forward to it.

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